iOS 14, Is the introduction of a Better mouse support


CUPERTINO, Apple brings support for using an external mouse for iPad with the introduction of iOS 13. In the iOS operating system, Apple is planning to increase the ability of the mouse.

According to a report from 9to5Mac, quoted from Ubergizmo, Wednesday (11/3/2020), they found evidence that shows up in the code-beginning iOS 14, the mouse support is improved, which may be present in the update operating system the next big. Support comes in the form of the mouse cursor, the actual that mimics the experience of a computer.

As is known, the mouse-cursor to the iPad-shaped circle. The cursor is different from the computer that uses the pointer. But, based on your discoveries, the appearance of the icon with the mouse cursor more traditional will be introduced in iOS 4.

The mouse-cursor is introduced hand, the Apple in iOS 14, together with an option that the icon changes depending on what is floating in. For example, a hand with a raised index finger, when the mouse is over the link.

The news about the new mouse cursor, the message to confirm said that Apple is planning the introduction of accessories Smart-keyboard-built-in bar with the trackpad. Previously, the rumor iOS 14 brings better multi-tasking.

The system allows four applications simultaneously on the screen. In addition, swiping to the right is a list of other applications that can be converted into a system of multi-tasking can.

System-multitasking of iOS 14 is somewhat similar to the iPad. In multi-tasking iPadOS, the user can split the screen with two apps at once. When integrated, can pull the user and the information, data, and files of the application that is displayed in the mode of multi-tasking.

Editor : Early Angela