iPhone 12 series Will Hold the screen With a refresh rate of 120Hz?


Merdeka.com – One of the latest gadget from Apple: iPad Pro release a few years ago, one of the features of the advantage of the screen with a refresh rate of 120Hz.

Thanks to this, you will see the animation on the screen of the tablet is smooth, if used.

Interesting a number of their Smartphones with a screen, as many of the other smartphones already capable of 120Hz, the Apple has not yet.

However, it can be changed with the introduction of the iPhone series 12. Ubergizmo on Tekno Liputan6.com, iPhone serial number 12 Pro Max reported comes with a battery capacity of 4,400 mAh.

This means that a larger 400mAh than the previous iPhone series, and many predict this increase is due to the support screen with 120 Hz refresh rate, and modem 5G.

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