iPhone 14 yellow: release dates of the new color

A new yellow iPhone 14 and 14+ will be released on March 14 for Spring 2023. Bookable from March 10

cchange phone like hat maybe it’s too much, but choose well the color that best reflects us when you buy an accessory it’s mandatory and if it meets the latest season trends, even better. So Apple has seen fit to launch on the market a new version of its latest born, the iPhone 14 and 14+, in bright yellow version.

iPhone 14 and 14+ in a new yellow shade, starting March 14, 2023. (Apple)

On the other hand, those who follow fashion know well that this is one of the trendy colors we will focus on in spring summer 2023, and if you think it’s not a nuance that suits everyone, you’ll have to think again, as the celebs have shown us in their latest releases. From the brunette Anne Hathaway to the very blonde Michelle Williams, everyone is crazy about yellow

iPhone 14 Yellow, like a satellite in the sky

Given that color matters – and this new iPhone 14 obviously comes with it its silicone case in the same color – technical specifications are also essential when it comes to smartphones

Like its little brothers of other colors, iPhone 14 and 14+ yellow has all the most advanced features of the Apple family. Like the ability to understand if we have been involved in an accident and automatically notify the emergency services notifying our location. Both via 5G network and via satellite in case of no cellular signal. A possibility that finally becomes available also in Italy.

Maximum video and photos

With the best camera ever, in the mode Action Mode video stabilization on iPhone 14 and 14+ It is surprising. Try to film yourself while running, you will notice the abysmal difference compared to the models that didn’t have this possibility

Ditto for the two camerasboth the “for selfie” one and the front camera are of the latest generation with slarger sensors that allow you to capture all the light even in dim light, without giving up any detail. Contextually making us more real and more beautiful. There photonic enginein fact, improves the photographic performance of all cameras in medium or low light conditions: up to two times better for TrueDepth and ultra-wide angle cameras and up to 2.5 times better for the new main camera

The professional-grade 12MP main camera, ultra-wide angle camera and new TrueDepth front camera. (Apple)

Faster than lightning

Thanks to the A15 Bionic chip, professional-level performance is also available on the iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus. The 5-core GPU increases processing speed for demanding workloads and offers a even smoother graphics for video apps and games.

The iPhone 14 and 14+ color range: midnight, galaxy, (PRODUCT)RED, blue, purple and the all-new yellow. (Apple)

The 6-core CPU, with two performance cores and four efficiency cores, can perform complex operations smoothly, while the The 16‑core Neural Engine can perform 15.8 trillion operations per secondenabling even faster machine learning calculations for iOS 16 features and third-party app experiences.

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So whether or not yellow is our color, it’s hard to resist this little ray of sunshine. Available to order from March 10, and in store from March 14.


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