IPhone sales in China by 50% – Timlo.net


Timlo.net–The eruption of the corona-virus infected thousands of people and losses in numbers can cause a whole lot of. Not only that, the virus also have a big impact on the business. There are a wide variety of industries affected, such as airlines, travel agencies, hotels and other.

Company electronics such as Apple, are also affected. According to reports, iPhone sales in China fell more than 50%. Apple only 500 thousand units of the iPhone sold in February 2020.

Ubergizmo preached on Monday (9/3), if the number of markets less than half of the number of the iPhone in January 2019. This month, Apple is rumored to be on the market to 1.27 million units of the iPhone. This decline is to be expected, caused by the outbreak of the corona virus. There are many businesses that have closed temporarily, including a supplier of Apple products.

The company closed their stores in China within two weeks in February 2020. So, no doubt, whether this your sales.

Editor : Ranu Ario