iPhone Xr, So that the Smartphone is the Most in demand in the year 2019


Apple, the technology giant based in Cupertino, United States of America and again proud of the success of the iPhone 11, which was introduced last year. Yes! According to research, the iPhone 11 reported a counterpoint with the second place as the best-selling smartphone in the year 2019.

The successor to the iPhone Xr-it has a market share of 2.1 percent of all global smartphone sales. While the smartphone is only lost from your iPhone Xr to rank the top. Yes! According to the report from Counterpoint Research, iPhone-Xr-market share of 3 percent.

One thing you need to know, iPhone, Xr is the year 2019, while the iPhone 11 comes at the end of September last year. In the third position, Samsung Galaxy A50 completes the podium with a market share of 1.8 percent of all global smartphone sales.

Yes! Apple and Samsung continue you domnasi all over the table 10. Meanwhile, the OPPO via the OPPO A5 is the only smartphone manufacturer from China, the listed in the ranking of the top-10. Counterpoint Research notes that the OPPO A5 has a market share of 1.3 percent.

While, according to a report from Counterpoint Research, based on a different region, Apple dominate unexpectedly the North American market. Yes! In the region, Apple has five best-selling smartphone, and in the top position is held by the iPhone Xr.

On the European market, Samsung masters of the market managed by the galaxy-A50, followed by Apple through the iPhone-Xr and iPhone 11. In the Chinese market, Apple and Samsung need to force in the knee to with the OPPO. Yes! OPPO occupied “at the top of the charts” in China by the model A5 and A9, as well as also boast of passing through A5 in the Region of Asia Pasfik.

Samsung continues to Latin America to dominate in the region with the Galaxy A10 and J2 core. Not until, counterpoint research also noted that the electronics giant from South Korea, it is also able to master the market in the Middle East, and Africa, where Samsung puts the five best-selling Smartphones in the year 2019.