iPhone XR vs iPhone 11, what Is Better? Know Here


For instance, it is not worth it, ya pay more for the iPhone 11…

Huge technology companies from the United States, Apple is almost always making its loyal fans never. You Apple see products always sell well in the market, let alone your iPhone. In fact, a few months ago, or, more precisely, on 20. September 2019, has recently the latest version of the iPhone, namely the iPhone 11.

However, iPhone 11 has a weight of its own. How not to Omdia and Informa-Tech, version of the previous iPhone, iPhone, XR, managed to HP’s most popular and best-selling on the market all the year 2019. Of course, many people expect that Apple is not the design of the iPhone 11 is more advanced than the iPhone, XR, so that his fans disappointed.

If you put them in terms of price, it is the iPhone 11 is more expensive, when in comparison with the iPhone XR. However, the price is more expensive, it means that the iPhone 11 has the features and specifications of more sophisticated than the iPhone XR? Here are some differences you should know between the two hp advanced are!

1. iPhone 11 superior battery

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How big is the battery of hp is, of course, be a consideration, if you buy hp. With a battery life of hp is longer, so that hp can play them for as long as possible, without fear of the battery. Also, if you are a very busy person, which is hard to find time to just aboutfree PS.

By doing so, you worth to buy iPhone 11 than to wait for the iPhone XR. An investigation calibaration, iPhone 11 has a bigger capacity battery, although Apple include.

Started GSM Arena, iPhone 11 is equipped with a battery, powered 3.110 mAh. Meanwhile, the iPhone XR-s only a battery-strength 2.942 mAh only.

2. The screen, the same are accurate

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If you find the benefits of iPhone 11 in the battery, but you can not find excellence in relation to the screen. It is not designed without a reason iPhone 11 seem to have the same exact screen as the iPhone, XR. Yes, you read that right, exactly the same.

First, the Display size of both is the same, namely of 6.1 inches. Then, the resolution is also the same: 828p. Yes, up to Bezelhis (Frame the screen on the outside), and the score is also the same.

3. Design of the seriousness of making a second iPhone, as if the twins

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In addition, the iPhone 11 will be of a size, design, and the same weight has quoted from, with the iPhone XR, so Business Insider. Because of him, the second iPhone will look very similar.

Only iPhone 11 has a camera system is different. Up here you relakah spend more money after buying the iPhone 11?

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4. Chip, the iPhone 11, the latest is used

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iPhone 11 equipped chip the with it makes the operation chip Apple’s latest, A13. If the iPhone is XR, you are still chip older versions of ie A12. Though chip already older, but still chip-A12 is to be expected yet.

Oh Yes, to chip planted in the iPhone-XR-it has the RAM size of 3 GB. Again, for the size of the RAM that is planted in the in the chip-A13 belonging to the iPhone 11 is not leaked from Apple.

But the report believes that the chip-A13 a RAM with a size of 4 GB. Since the first Apple presentation of the iPhone is always the new one with more power anyway.

5. iPhone XR crushing defeat in terms of the rear camera

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In General, the iPhone XR has rear camera of 12 MP lens single. Well, if the iPhone 11, the system of the dual lens camera of 12 MP, which is one of the lens can be used to make photos ultra-wide. You can see the difference and learn more, the refined side of the camera of the iPhone 11:

  • More lenses, which are available on the iPhone 11, a camera ultrawide with a width of view of 120 degrees;
  • IPhone 11, you can do 2x optical zoom and 5x digital zoom. If the IPhone is XR only 5x digital zoom. More-over, digital zoom not as good as optical zoom;
  • Mode portrait iPhone 11 equipped with special lighting, in contrast to the iPhone, XR;
  • iPhone 11 ‘ night-mode, which is better, so that you can take pictures, although only a small light.

6. iPhone 11 also more demanding on the front camera

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iPhone XR-front-camera 7 MP, while the iPhone 11 has a camera, selfie 12 MP. If, to take a video, the camera selfie iPhone 11 4K can take Videos with up to 60 Frame per second. IPhone XR lose much, only 60 take 1080p video with up to Frame per second.

7. the iPhone 11 is waterproof

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First, electronic articles such as, for example, hp are very sensitive to water. But now everything has been transformed into a better direction. Including iPhone 11, hp is equipped with IP68 Water-Resistance (2 Meters, 30 Minutes). While the iPhone XR only Water-Resistance IP67 (1 meter, 30 minutes). Don’t worry drowned me!

This is a significant difference between the iPhone-XR-si hp popular nan in demand with the new comer iPhone 11. If you had a choice about maintaining the iPhone-XR aja, or spend money to buy more iPhone 11?

For information only, on the official site iBox, Price of iPhone XR now cost of Rp11 million. Different thin same iPhone 11 just need to add, Rp1-2 million.

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