iPhones with Fortnite can cost more than R $ 50 thousand on eBay


The fight between Apple and Epic Games has resulted in the banning of Fortnite from the App Store, and some eBay users are looking to profit high from the game. According to Business Insider, the sales site lists iPhones with the game installed for up to $ 10,000, about $ 55,000 in direct conversion.

One of the most expensive devices on the site with the game is an iPhone X, listed for $ 10,000 on e-commerce simply for bringing the app installed. Typically, the smartphone launched in 2017 can be found for values ​​starting at $ 499 abroad.

The iPhone 8 also “rose” on eBay with a Fortnite ban on the App Store and can be purchased for about $ 4,000, approximately $ 22,000. In other cases, however, the prices are more reasonable: an iPhone SE 2020 with the game installed is available for the US $ 345 (R $ 1,936), which is within resale standards.

How to reinstall Fortnite on mobile

Fortnite is banned from the App Store indefinitely, for using a payment method not allowed by Apple. The game is not receiving updates, and downloading is restricted for new users.

However, anyone who has played battle royale on any branded device can still download the game easily on iPhones and iPads. So there is no need to invest $ 10,000 in an old cell phone to access Fortnite.

To do the reinstallation, just enter your App Store profile, click on “Purchases”, go to “My Purchases”, search for “Fortnite” and click on the download button. It is important to note that the procedure brings the latest version of the battle royale released to the Apple app store, which has not updated the game since last week and does not include purchase options.

So far, Apple and Epic Games have not resolved their friction, and Fortnite remains out of the app store. According to the analysis company  Sensor Tower, the game has already earned the US $ 360 million for Apple since its launch, which may make the company chase a deal to return to distribute the battle royale on its devices.