Iquitos hospital professionals launch decentralized health campaign

  • The experts went to the 41 km of the Iquitos-Nota highway.

Health professionals from Apoyo Iquitos Cesar Galayal García Hospital on the 41st km of the Iquitos-Nota Interprovincial Highway in San Juan Bautista District Ex Petroleros Human Settlement has implemented decentralized sanitation activities.
The event took place last weekend, and health professionals traveled to the event site in transportation arranged by the hospital management, bringing medical equipment and medicines for consultations.
Services they offer include medicine, pediatrics, internal medicine, psychology, dentistry, dental extractions, fluoridation, tuberculosis screening, HIV, syphilis, hepatitis B and C, glycemic and blood pressure control, gynecological cancer prevention, and pharmacy. completely free.
According to the hospital’s health strategy expert, there are about 1,500 residents in the area, so they carry a lot of medicines, which are delivered to patients free of charge after each treatment. Instructions from professionals in each field.
“Iquitos Hospital promotes care for people’s physical and mental health, which is why we went to this stretch of highway to care for the inhabitants of the Ex Petroleros Human Settlement and other nearby communities,” the doctor noted.
The goal of the sanitation campaign is to safeguard the care of children and adolescents who may experience complications because they do not have adequate access to drinking water as well as education and sanitation, and many are vaccinated after assessment.
According to the statistics of Iquitos Hospital, in 2022, they provided more than 77,000 cares through external offices, which is 25% more than in 2019, which is why they continue to implement the decentralized care service plan, which will be in This year continues to 2023. (K Rodriguez)

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