Irene Olivier: The new single “Valentina” will be released to the radio on Friday, June 30


From 30 June 2023 Irene Olivier’s new single “Valentina” (StrangerArts Productions), will be in radio rotation, already available on all digital streaming platforms from 21 June.

“Valentina” is a pop song with a rock opening with modern sounds but 90s vibes. The song deals with a very topical subject, sick love and its consequences, and represents a turning point for the singer-songwriter, who had long wanted to write a text in Italian, but without losing that international musicality. Which has always distinguished his music. Output so far. The piece was produced by Marco Gabrielli and, in order to achieve a warm, tailored and international sound, the mastering was done by Ollie Morgan of Abbey Road Studios (Elton John, Seal, Olivia Rodrigo, Mike Oldfield, Eminem and many others). Mastering Engineer) was assigned. in London.


The artist explains the song: “Valentina is not a special lady. It is everything, and at the same time it is nothing. Maybe it’s me, or my reflection. It’s almost a concept that was born on Valentine’s Day, in that I thought about how many bloody roses would be given to so many women that day. So Valentina becomes my dedication to these women, my flower for them.”

The video clip for “Valentina” illustrates the concept of “Bloody Rose”. In fact, the images show scattered rose petals that have already faded as a symbol of violence, leaving more and more room for blood, first on the hands, and then to become tears. Valentina has already “plucked” the real petals, full of love, and they remain in the corners of her room, even though they are the only petals that have any meaning.


Irene Olivier was born in Belluno and since she was a child has dedicated herself to seeking beauty wherever possible. She was an artistic ice skater for ten years, competing in European-level competitions. Over the years, he has also developed a passion for other art forms such as cinema and photography. It was in fact the latter that inspired him to travel and participate in various photographic competitions until the publication of one of his shots in Africa Geographic. He has always loved listening to international music, never giving up the Italian influence. Perhaps that is why he chose to enroll in the Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​and Literature in Venice, graduating in English and Spanish. During these years he always wrote ideas, lyrics and poems in English, dreaming of one day being able to do the same for a piece of music. She has participated in many training experiences in the field of singing, which has also led her to participate in national competitions. He writes lyrics in English as he believes music is a universal language, but the lyrics must find a way to reach anyone’s heart. After years of live experience, he joined the StrangerArts family, realizing his recording project. After years of live experience, he joins the StrangerArts family, releasing the songs “Witch Eyes”, “BE2”, “The Well” and “Melody”, which will be included in the new recording project “V-Deocrazi” to be released in December 2021. has been included. In 2022 he released the singles “Black Van” and “Beautiful Liar”.

“Valentina” is Irene Olivier’s new single, available on all digital streaming platforms from 21 June 2023 and on radio rotation from 30 June.

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