Irina Shay is back to his style breaker how to throw a message on your heart?


The followers of one of the couples most loved and followed by the panorama hollywood you are in luck. A few days ago jumped the news that surprised a good part of them: Irina Shayk again to get close to Bradley Cooper. More specifically, the saw the model get out of the house that the actor has in Manhattan after being together several hours. What happened inside, of course, we don’t know, but as the mannequin it is all a veteran to express their emotional state through their looks, can the answer of that conversation is found in their latest outfits. And we do not speak precisely of the total look Burberry worn by the Russian on the day that he was with her -by now – former spouse, but we refer to the colorful wager that has chosen to take a stroll through the Big Apple.

irina shayk

Resting momentarily from the catwalk, the model has opted for a dress that has not left indifferent anybody. And that is that everything indicates that the great trend of the moment is based on reuse of evening dresses with comfortable shoe. In this way, the design is characterized by cut mini, strapless, fitted to her slender figure, red passion (one of the colors that most enhance your facial features and that put on repeatedly when he was with the u.s.) and signed by Velvet by Graham & Spencer. Although it is clear that the options for combining are almost endless, the mannequin, which usually be true to your simple style with touches of rock, completed with some booties military Dr. Martens, a short jacket Chrome Hearts with lips embroidery on the left side of the flap and stamp boxes, a bag XS, glasses rectangular of black color and two necklaces, one with a hanging cross and the other with the initial “M” engraved on it.

irina look

In this way we confirm all of our theories: the heart of Irina is in a good moment. And we say this with certainty, because after analyzing the looks of the model from time immemorial, we can say that his wardrobe has taken a turn of 180 degrees. What started a year ago (nothing more to confirm the break with the actor) with looks minimalist, simple, sober, solid colors and without any type of detail, ended up with garments sensuous, patterned and hue vibrant, being the red the vivid image of the passion, attraction, strength, and courage. A detail somewhat peculiar, since in general, has always been associated with the romantic and the symbolization of love.

irina green shirt

And if to this we add that a few days ago he shared a picture via its social networks in which he appeared with a blouse in shades of green and an emerald necklace, a color that induces good luck, hope, and emotional stability, we can only ask ourselves one thing: how will these two colours are a subtle way to imply that your heart is occupied?