Irina Shayk: “After the Me Too women afraid to be sexy” | People and Celebrity


In full parade of lingerie, sitting among some of the men and women the most beautiful in the world, what would you think a model fact be sexy in these times? The model in question is nothing less than the top model Irina Shayk Russian; the parade, the Italian brand Intimissimi (who was actually the one who discovered her when she was very young), held some days ago in Verona (Italy) with a thousand guests; and the question was posed to the own Shayk a journalist of the Italian newspaper Il Corriere della Sera.

“After the case Weinstein and MeToo, does the word ‘sexy’ is overcome?” However, it does not appear that Shayk come out all that well stop the response. “Today the women are almost afraid of feeling sexy,” answer her, “but that is more than a [sujetador con] push up or a lipstick, it is something that you have inside and that no one can take away”.

In the talk, Shayk also explains that she was not trying to be a model, but played the piano and liked to write, so that I would have wanted to be “a teacher or music“but that “life” gave her the opportunity to come to this profession, and that their physical often teased her in school. Hence, when asked to give advice to a girl she answers: “Feeling good in your own skin, to pursue their dreams and never accept a no for an answer”.

That girl could be his daughter, Lea de Seine, two-and-a-half years. The small, of which there are hardly any images, and whose parents have always tried to protect, is the fruit of her relationship with the actor Bradley Cooper, who split last June after spending four years together. A rupture which, according to has been trickling out months later, has not been at all friendly. “There is much to be said of her relationship with Bradley, he has done so much damage that has revenge in mind”, she claimed in August a source to a daily american. “Irina has not been able to rely on Bradley,” explained the same. In fact, then it was suggested that Shayk might get to write a book about the romance. But for now little writes: tweets to their 680.000 followers, and captions for the images, upload it to your Instagram, which has nearly 13 million followers and updates regularly with covers and stories, but giving little information about themselves.

“Social networks are a communication tool very powerful, useful for initiatives of solidarity, but what is private remains private for me,” explains Shayk in that interview. It also ensures that the two most difficult moments of his life are two losses: that of her father, when she was 14 years old, and her grandmother, makes a half-decade. Are two of the very few concessions that makes about their privacy, which has always been very jealous, even more so in recent times. In fact, when questioned about the happiness or safety in itself, the model gives rodeos. You prefer to remain closed, or, if anything, fall in common places.

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