Irina Shayk and the trick of makeup that don’t need mascara


It is well known the power of the mask of eyelashes to make eyes appear more open and look more rested. That is why this simple gesture has become an almost obligatory step before leaving the house each morning; in fact, it is the third makeup product used by the Spanishbehind the lipstick and the eye pencil. Although it is true that to achieve that effect full opening this product continues to be irreplaceable, Irina Shayk you have found the way to mimic its many benefits with a trick that speeds up (a lot) the time of removing all make-up at the end of the day. And is that the Russian always finds a way to make it easier on life, and if a few months ago I discovered the training that you will worship the most lazy or the ritual more appealing to reduce stressnow he premiered the trend of beauty with which saves you a step in your beauty routine.

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Apply mascara both on the upper and lower is the gesture is definite to get a look more restedbut for those who prefer a more natural result without losing one iota of sophistication, Irina has just revealed through a selfie (with dog included) that he has shared in their networks are the secret to achieve this: apply eye shadow around the entire perimeter of the eyes. Thanks to this trick as simple supermodel hides the lack of sleep that accumulates after parading into the Fashion Weeks of the world and makes the green of your eyes look even more intense.

Instead of using a dark shadow, the Russian gets a most natural effect with an earth-tone reddish which also hides the dark circles thanks to the complementary colors. The explanation is simple, the bags and dark circles it makes the skin around the eyes is to see a color blue-violet and the orange is the shade that counteracts it. By electing him with a clear tint, reddish-brown, achieved a more natural finish and the look ideal to leave the house with the eyes more open and more beautiful without applying mascara.

Tricks big eyes Irina ShaykVIEW GALLERY

What are the perfect products to copy the trick of Shayk? The good news is that this kind of color of transition are so popular that many brands have a shade of eyes of this hue and even with different finishes, such as matte effect natural Color Queen Eye Shadow Mono in Force of L’oréal Paris, the irresistible luminous finish of Aura Dew in Cosmic Shiseido or the spectacular lame of Diorshow Mono in the Fusion of Dior.