Irina Shayk: “Every time I hear ‘no’ I think how to convert it to ‘yes”


Perhaps the figure of the Portuguese footballer overshadowed his career. Or maybe just no one had posted in this Russian born in Yemanzhelinsk who loves his profession and who today, with 34 years, will rain down advertising contracts millionaires, the covers, the fashion shows and the red carpet. Burberry, Marc Jacobs, Givenchy, Versace, Missoni… they All want to Irina and the offers are crowded at his door. This spring is the image of the Italian Furlaa firm that loves to for a good reason: “I love bags”.

Shayk is not a woman who puts up with ease and has had many twists and turns to your life. When I was 14 years old his father died, a victim of pneumonia. Together with his mother and his sister, Tatiana, managed to get ahead. “Russian women, and women in general, we take up the reins at the times necessary,” he says. In 2004, as a student of marketing, an agent encouraged her to submit to a beauty contest and he won the contest Miss Chelyabinsk. Shortly after, at the age of 19, he came to Paris in pursuit of a brighter future that awaited him in his native city. He shared an apartment with eight girls, but his opportunity did not come he asked his agency to move to another city to get jobs. It was as well as landed in Barcelona, where he began to make catalogues, photo sessions, some campaigns… But the success has resisted. His relationship with the magazine Sport Illustrated and gives account of its tenacity: although since 2007 it was reports of bathroom every season, I held the cover up to 2011.

The model is the image of the new o’n of handbags the Italian company Furla.

The model is the image of the new collection of bags of the Italian brand Furla.

Four years later, after breaking his relationship with Cristiano RonaldoIrina left Spain, headed to Los Angeles and acquired the status of top model that has not left since then. “My life has not changed all that much in reality –he says. And I have the best memories of Spain, always bring her in the heart. It was the first site where I worked outside of my country and that is not forgotten”.

Mujerhoy After that decision, his career took a radical turn.

Irina Shayk Now I’m in New York, which I also love. And I am fortunate to work with an amazing team.

M. H. And, by the way, has become a superstar.

I. S. [Risas] I am a capricorn and, obviously, I identify with that kind of person that always aspires to more. But I think that has more to do with the highly professional team that I have surrounded. They put me in the right direction. I also believe in the work hard: if you strive enough, you end up getting your reward. Every time I hear the word “no”, I’m already thinking of how to turn it into a “yes”.

M. H. During this time he has also been a mother. How it has affected motherhood to her career of model?

I. S. I get this question a lot and the truth is that my style has not changed. But my life has changed for the better, because the family and the children are always the most important. In that sense, my priorities have changed: I have reorganized my schedule and I think more to decide what jobs I accept, whether or not I can travel. I don’t want to be away from my daughter.

Now his top priority is his daughter, Lea, of three years, the fruit of the relationship that he had with the actor Bradley Copper until the past year. But Irina doesn’t like to talk about their private life. Nor is a woman very open to new friendships. “I do not open the door to too many people, I need to feel full confidence”.

I’ve learned that when I plan too something never turns out as expected.”

M. H. If we opened your purse right now, what would have things very different from what he wore several years ago? What is full of things to Read?

I. S. Do I? What it’s about. I am Russian. Russian women use more than one bag, we love them. [Risas]

M. H. What why he’s wearing the model 1927 Top Handle Furla, so small?

I. S. This is, above all, to wear! Because I’ll bring another to the things of the girl… I Am very organized, I like having my things in their place, each thing in its site. In fact, my daughter also loves bags and is starting to bring your own. But mine don’t change it for anything!… And I assure you that you will not find diapers in them!

M. H. And what does it have? Does the passport? It is a site to another.

I. S. No, the passport is not [Risas]. As usual: the mobile, the charger, some snacks to eat, and credit cards.

M. H. Where do you see in the future?

I. S. I don’t know. One of my favorite books is The power of now, Eckhart Tolle, which teaches you how to live in the moment. Life is very short. I hope to be happy, to have health and to be near my family. I have proposed not to make big plans for 2020. And that that is why I am also very capricorn, I love to plan and organize. But I’ve learned that every time I plan too something, never turns out as expected. Unfortunately, social networks do not help. We are in Instagram living on the other hand, evoking the past or longing for the future, when all that we need is in the present.

M. H. Some vital project will have…

I. S. Do you know that you should not say your dreams because they do not meet? Well, that… As a good Russian, I am superstitious.

M. H. In 2014 participated in the movie Hercules. I understand that I will again be interested in the film.

I. S. I have done some thing more, but for small projects to have fun. Acting is fun but also complicated. In addition, when you want to do everything you scattered. It is better to focus on something that you do well, whatever that is.

M. H. What we will soon see you back in Spain?

I. S. Hopefully! I’m going to try to organize with my team a trip to Seville for a few projects… it related with the ham! [Risas]