Irina Shayk in triangle breaking with Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper


The singer Lady Gaga has been caught with a man who would not be Bradley Cooper

The singer Lady Gaga has been in the news in the last few hours due to that has been hunted by the tabloids, that could be her new boyfriend. Some pictures show that was well accompanied by a couple that no one knew about. Something that has aroused a great expectation.

The surprise of this whole story, is nothing other than the simple fact that Lady Gaga seemed to be behind the actor Bradley Cooper. What’s more, your feeling in the movie ‘a star is born’ seemed to make it clear that there was something more than an action behind every touch and every kiss that you gave.

Lady Gaga

To make matters worse, Bradley Cooper he decided to cut his relationship with the Irina Shayk, an international model that had previously been the partner of Cristiano Ronaldo, and also in the mother of one of the sons of the actor, after the filming of the movie.

What nobody could imagine is that now Lady Gaga have decided to start a relationship with another person. A man who, for the moment, it seems not to be in the world of celebrity, and that in addition it would have captivated your heart in a matter of weeks.

Lady Gaga, in the eye of the hurricane with Bradley Cooper

In turn, a publication of Lady Gaga making reference to a trip to Las Vegas, in which was eleven days has been the straw that has filled the glass. Especially, because they understand that the photograph (roll on the floor) and the message accompanying it is clear that has been around for a few days, to say the least, romantic and passionate.

We will have to wait to know how it has been able to make this decision Bradley Cooperbecause it seemed that the actor had also focused heavily on his relationship with Lady Gaga. Is more, will soon begin a new shoot between the two, in what could end up being a bomb.