Irina Shayk is sincere about their appearance and age



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Irina Shayk, Russian model 33 years, ensures that you already have wrinkles, but that it does not intend to resort to plastic surgery.

“I’ll have wrinkles and I already have some. One has to accept the idea of ageing and the body in each stage and just celebrate it,” said Irina in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar magazine.

The model does not plan to undergo cosmetic surgeries, but does not judge those who opt for the treatments.

“If someone wants to inject your lips because you feel bad, that God will bless you. I judge no one. But always promote the natural beauty because I believe that we live in this perfect world where everyone wants to be perfect. But I’m not perfect. I sometimes have A double chin. Perfection does not exist,” he said.

Irina added that he doesn’t care that people sometimes’t speculate on his appearance and say that it makes injections for, for example, to increase the volume of the lips. The model simply laughs at it and recommended to others to take those things in stride.

“I don’t want to say that this makes me happy, but I think that in this life we must have a sense of humor. (…) Some people will love, others you will hate. It really does not affect my life,” he said.

After his split this year of Bradley Cooper, the model is still single and is devoted to her daughter and to work.