Irina Shayk On Instagram Published A Photo Of A Teenager, The Time When She Was Bullying


The mandatory quarantine to curb the spread of coronavirus has made celebrities more active on their social networks, and they have taken it as a “weapon” to be closer to their followers.

For example, since the confinement began, Irina Shayk has shared her day to day on her Instagram account and has even been encouraged to post images from her past.

Irina Shayk published a photo of the time when she was bullying

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Cristiano Ronaldo’s ex-girlfriend is one of the most beautiful models and became an icon of beauty. However, it was not always like this and she decided to share a dark facet in her life through an image on her Instagram.

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Irina Shayk posted a photo of her dressed in a yellow T-shirt and light pink flared pants. The Russian model poses next to a fountain and a shy smile.

The mother of Bradley Cooper’s daughter only accompanied the photo with a lone text “14”, the age she was in the image she published. But not everyone knows what that graph hides.

At that time of her life, Irina Shayk suffered from bullying at school because of the color of her skin, which was darker than her classmates.

“When I was little, the boys made fun of me. I was tall and had darker skin and bigger lips and they called me ‘Palo’ because I was wearing high heels, ”she has stated in several interviews that she has granted.

“I would always wear a skirt, never pants, to go to school, and they would say, ‘Look, Stick is walking in her heels!’ It was very sad ”, Irina Shayk has confessed on more than one occasion.