Irina Shayk reveals his ‘tips’ for before going to an important event


Irina Shayk you have found the beauty routine that best works for you, a ritual that includes take relaxing baths daily, breakfast a shake base of celery and parsley to combat the fluid retention, and massage ice-cubes around the eyes to prevent bags and dark circles under the eyes. In addition to their habits, day-to-day, the Russian has other ways to feel perfect before you go to an event, and has revealed in a recent interview. Their advice pre-party include sleeping more than eight hours of rigor and go to the gym to fill with energy, habit that he shares with Jennifer Lopez and Irina complete with another of his favorite, the sauna.

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“The key to being beautiful is to get enough sleep. I try to sleep at least nine hours before an important event. When I wake up I like to go to the fitness center and a sauna, it gives me energy and makes my skin look perfect. For the red carpet, I prefer to carry a makeup minimalist, I love the looks radiant and natural,” reveals the supermodel to the australian Vogue.

The first council of Shayk is not only good to avoid a tired look and have the energy to enjoy the event, get good sleep also helps to keep the ideal weight and reduce the risk of certain diseases according to the nutritionist Gwyneth Paltrow: “A dream of a bad quality can loosen the metabolism and hormones, which can lead to weight gain, bad mood, bad memory and foggy brain, as well as serious health problems such as inflammation and reduced immunity (which can increase the risk of chronic diseases)”.

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As to your habit of going to the gym, can help to relax the muscles, or to awaken the body and give you energy, according to the type of training. The third of these tips is the one that gets a physical effect more visible: a sauna session eliminates toxins and brightens the skin. The last discovery Irina are the saunas of infrared rays, a type of room flared on the basis of this type of radiation acts directly on the body instead of heating the whole environment. In addition to its powerful detoxifying effect, the treatment favorite model burns up to 600 calories in a single visit, reason why he also uses it before a photo session, clothes of bath.