Irina Shayk speaks for first time Bradley Cooper after their separation


Are a few months complicated Irina Shayk and is that the date arrives that is fulfilled one year from his separation from Bradley Cooper. A difficult moment for the model who speaks out for the first time in an interview that he has granted to Vogue in its British edition.

The famous top Russian has shown more sincere than ever and have opened their hearts revealing how much it is costing to rebuild his life after his separation, because as she herself admits it is “unknown terrain“: “I think we have been very fortunate for what we have spent together. Life without B is unknown terrain“.

Irina has also confessed how difficult it is sometimes the life of a single mother, in 2017 the famous couple became parents of their first daughter, Read: “Trust me, there are days that I wake up and think, ‘my God, my God, I don’t know what to do, I’m falling apart’“.

Even, and for the first time, the model has confessed how he lived the boom that Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga lived during the filming of her hit movie, ‘a star is born’, a time where their relationship was surrounded by rumors and speculations that claimed that the relationship of the actor and the singer was going more and beyond what a professional: “Bradley was emotionally absent during a long time of the filming of ‘a star is born’“.