Irina Shayk stops to photograph well while bathing


October 30, 2019
(16:10 CET)

There are not a few, especially fans of Lady Gaga, which suggest that the ‘boom Irina Shayk’ that occurred a few years ago has come to an end. Whether or not it is true, it is evident that the followers of the american singer did not forgive to the Russian model.

And that is, it is no secret that, at the time, it was known that Irina no longer maintained a relationship with Bradley Cooper and that had been done “a close friend of Lady Gaga” the environment of the model pointed out that the singer had as much to do with why the actor and Irina put an end to their romance.

Hence, it is very common to see many photos in recent times in the social networks in which the Russian model does not come out precisely highly favored. Is the way that the followers of the controversial singer’s attempts to discredit Irina.

The photo in the tub

The problem is that it is not that Shayk to have precisely a legion of followers small. If your 12 million followers they are far from the nearly 38 that builds up the artist New York, are not precisely followers passive. On the contrary.

That is why we now have wanted to vindicate the figure of the model by circulating a photo in which we can see the ex Cooper and Christian Ronaldo while bathing. A photo very sensual, as not, has left many of those who had not seen with the mouth open.

Irina Shayk

How beautiful and sensual is this woman”, “Brutal Irina Shayk”, “Bellezón”, “If you compare the photos of Lady Gaga in the tub with Irina, the singer does not do anything other than the ridiculous”, “For something is one of the most sought after models of the moment” or “Spectacular” are some of the comments that has generated the image in question.

It is more than clear that, if the followers of Lady Gaga they want to continue in this war, the Irina have ‘material’ to spare.