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Irina Shayk has broken his silence. The model is not customary to talk about their private life but in an interview with the british edition of Vogue, Shayk has opened up emotionally and has spoken about his breakup with the actor Bradley Cooper, who split last year after four years of relationship and a daughter in common. “We have been very lucky to have had what we had together. Life without B [Bradley] it is a totally unknown world for me,” admitted the top.

Shayk, 34, and Cooper, 44, announced their separation last June, after several months of rumors of the crisis were heightened by the close friendship between Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga to the root of your movie A star is born. What at first seemed like an amicable separation, then quickly both of them agreed to share custody of your small, Read of Seine, two years old, and fix New York as the place of residence, with the passage of time became known details that pointed to his relationship lived troubled moments, and the break was not so idyllic.

“I think that in all good romantic relationships you offer the best and the worst of it. This is how it works the human nature. That’s why two great people don’t have to be a great couple”, has sentenced Shayk.

The former spouse turned to leave see board at the end of August, just a few minutes and exchanged his daughter, in which was their first summer apart. Was in Ibiza airport, where the Russian model spent a few days of vacation and up to where you moved the american actor. According to the images that portrayed the moment, the model and the actor just went the word. Shayk gave Leah Cooper, who directed her in her arms towards his private plane to travel back to Los Angeles while the mannequin is directed towards his own jet with destination Milan.

Bradley Cooper with his daughter in arms, in the airport of Ibiza, last August.

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Bradley Cooper with his daughter in arms, in the airport of Ibiza, last August.

Irina Shayk has not only broken his secrecy in his sentimental life is concerned, but has also spoken of the difficulties of being a single mother. “It is difficult to find the balance between being a single mother and be a working woman who earns a living. In truth, there are still days that I wake up and think: ‘my god, my God, I don’t know what to do, I’m falling apart,” he confessed.

Irina Shayk with her daughter, Lea, in New York, the past 17 days.

Irina Shayk with her daughter, Lea, in New York, the past 17 days.

A statement that surprised since the former spouse has always kept their relationship so private. Shayk told Glamour UK in February of 2019 that she preferred to keep their romance out of the spotlight. “I have many friends who share so much of your personal life on Instagram or on social networks. I admire him and I think that is great, but it is a personal choice, ” he said. “Because my job requires me to be exposed to, I decided that my personal life would be quiet. That’s why it’s called personal because it is something for you and your family, and I am happy as well”.

The actor and model started their relationship shortly after she broke her engagement with then-Real Madrid player Cristiano Ronaldo, and he will confirm his breakup with british model Suki Waterhouse, with whom came out for two years. Before that Shayk, Cooper also maintained a relationship of two years with Zoe Saldana. Nominated for an Oscar on three occasions —by The good side of things, The great scam american and The sniper—, Cooper, 44 years old, had a marriage, a fleeting four months with the dancer and actress american Jennifer Esposito, and also had a relationship with Renée Zellweger from July 2009 to march 2011.

Despite keeping her life away from the spotlight, the model seems to follow a pattern in the interviews when he puts an end to their relationship, because when he ended his affair with Cristiano Ronaldo, Shayk also spoke of it: “If you have a relationship, you should be good; otherwise, it is better to leave it. Relationships are hard, so you have to know what kind of man you want by your side, and what their values are, what is important in life. If you are with someone is because you walk in the same direction and looking for the same thing.”