Irina Shayk talks for the first time of their break up from Bradley Cooper


It has taken almost eight months, but is already prepared to face the questions about your last break-sentimental. Irina Shayk has given an interview to the british edition of ‘Vogue’ and she has spoken for the first time, to the point and end of their love story with Bradley Cooperto the that has compliments and words of praise.

The model says to be “very lucky,” for having been able to be a part of the life of the actor, and adds that he believes “that we have been very lucky to experience what we had with each other”. A few words, after acknowledging that, now, without him, is exploring a new terrain, but without nostalgia for the past.

Two great people do not have to make a good couple”

In all good relationships bring the best and the worst, it is just the nature of a human being“says Irina, who adds in this regard: “Two great people do not have to make a good couple.” A statement that leaves you in a very good place to Cooper, despite the fact that the hypothesis indicated that the rupture had occurred through the fault of that Lady Gaga had become the third in discord.

Shayk has also spoken about how difficult it is to reconcile the work with his role as a single mother. “It is difficult to find a balance between being a single parent and be a business woman and provider”explains before continuing: “Creme, there are days that I wake up and think: ‘my god, my God, I don’t know what to do, I’m falling apart'”.

Precisely the loneliness that he felt in the upbringing of his daughter during the time that Cooper was rolling ‘A star is born’could be one of the reasons that led them to terminar with the relationship. At least, so said a long time ago a source close to the former spouse to the magazine ‘People’.