Irina Shayk teaches what worn underneath the clothes in your last photo


27th of February 2020
(17:16 CET)

Irina Shayk it is one of the models most dear on the international scene due to its spectacular beauty and professionalism once you climb to the walkway or have to promote a clothing brand.

It is for this reason that every perched of the top model Russian in your account of Instagram gives a large amount of income to her and to the company that decides to hire her to do the marketing of your product.

This week we have been able to see the underwear that you love to the Russian model, who stunned in a spectacular meeting that has been applauded by its followers.

One of the best models

The web it has done this week announced their annual list of the 15 best models of the year in reference to the 2019 and she of course has been the top model Irina Shayk Russian as it came to be common.

The surprise this year has been in the first place, where he has been the british Adwoa Aboahwho has arrived at the top after that in 2017 jumped to fame with a cover for Vogue magazine.

What is going wrong

Irina Shayk has happened in a year of happily married with the actor Bradley Cooper to a single mother, and it seems that it is not wearing well at all.

These were their statements, which revealed that: “it Is difficult to find a balance between being a single parent and be a business woman and provider. Believe me, there are days that I wake up and I say: ‘my god, my God, I don’t know what to do, I’m falling apart’”.