Irina Shayk wants to marry Bradley Cooper, but Tom Brady is avoiding commitment

YesAccording to reports, Irina Shayk He still hopes to get married one day Bradley Cooperthe father of her daughter, especially because tom bradyFreshly divorced from Gisele Bundchen, she reportedly just wants to date Page six.

SheikAt 37, despite playing on the court, he clearly wants to settle down Brady.The retired quarterback National Football League According to reports, she is currently focusing on her children and career and may pursue more supermodel roles in the near future.

Brady46, was seen receiving Sheik at his New York apartment earlier this week. Last month, he went on vacation to Italy with his family. Cooper.

Shayk and Brady They started dating in July 2023.According to reports, if Cooper He is not ready for marriage.

Cooper48 years old, having a relationship with an American political staffer Huma Abedin,assistant Hillary Clinton After they all attended for a long time Metropolitan Museum of Art Charity Gala 2022.

What does Bradley Cooper think about Irina Shayk dating Tom Brady?

Page six giving conflicting reports about how you feel Cooper About relationships Shayk and Brady.

The Hollywood actor is said to be supportive of their relationship, although another source claims he is jealous.

“(Shayk and Cooper) haven’t been together for a long time,” the source said. “They are co-parents and that’s it. They are best friends. They are very happy. “Brad really likes Tom and has been nothing but supportive.”

Cooperwho is a fan philadelphia eagles,participated super bowl 2018 and Sheik when his team beats Brady and new england patriotshe may be hearing about QB for the first time.

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