Iris Mittenaere divine with a bikini is very dented, the canvas in his spell (PHOTO)


The appearances of the Iris Mittenaere on Instagram are always in high demand. I have to say that the treasure of Diego El Glaoui was Miss France in 2016, and Miss universe 2016 for nothing. And for cause, it is sublime ! Of the hair cascade, legs, endless, with a radiant face, to be ashamed of a body, jealousy, Emily Ratajkowski has … in Short, the on season 9 of dancing with the Stars is always acting unanimously, on Instagram, on any of his publications. After you criss-cross the world with his companion, the beautiful is, since a couple of days in Cape town in South Africa. Unfortunately, Diego El Glaoui could not accompany you on this trip ! And as he said it had subscribed to on Instagram a his pretty Iris will miss him.

The users compete Mittenaere each other with compliments to Iris !

Fortunately, it can track the adventures of its beautiful on the social network. And the last release of Iris Mittenaere surely give to him, am looking forward to the reunion. In two portraits taken, to the ocean, the ex of Anthony Colette pose in a bikini with one-shoulder asymmetrical has. Orange color, this is very Mittenaere, very scarce, on the cleavage of the Iris. Smiling, the beautiful does not hide his joy, his views of the Indian ocean. “The noise I like most of it, of the waves …“wrote the dancer in the “Paradis Latin”. A publication that its subscribers likée almost 130 000 times in not even 20 hours of presence on the social network. And if you believe the reviews, they are all amazed by this divine appearance ! “You’re shiny“, “You’re sublime“, “Very beautiful woman“, “You, me, your Jersey ? It is gorgeous !“. In contrast, only Diego El Glaoui, the call in the comments is missing.