Iris Mittenaere “non-existent” in Ninja Warrior: Internet users raise the controversy, Christophe Beaugrand is justified


This new year heralded the great return of Ninja Warrior. A return that left viewers puzzled about Iris Mittenaere’s role as “co-host”

Usually broadcast in midsummer, Ninja Warrior ultimately had to be delayed due to the pandemic. Thus, the televiewers could not discover the sportsmen that January 2, 2021. But it is not really this detail that has bothered them, but rather that of the “absence” of Iris Mittenaere during the emission.

During the shooting last September, the sanitary conditions were very strict. Moreover, as Christophe Beaugrand confirms to our colleagues at Le Parisien, ” With Iris and Denis, we didn’t see each other much. We were assigned to our hotels to avoid meeting each other. Iris was in a room above. me, Denis on the left. We said hello from time to time from the balcony while tilting our heads. There was a little surreal side “. A shoot like no other which nevertheless gave an incredible show on January 2, thus collecting 4.4 million viewers.

A televised return that has something to delight the first channel, but not really the 18.2% of French who would have liked to see the three hosts in front of the camera. Unfortunately, throughout the evening, Internet users expressed their regret at not seeing Iris Mittenaere on the screen. Even more, if she only appeared a few times to say only a few small words, viewers were keen to support the fact that neither Christophe Beaugrand nor Denis Brogniart had greeted the young woman. Thus, a rain of Tweets has multiplied on the social network of the little blue bird, ”  We see more the public applauding than Iris”, “Is there a reason why Iris has literally disappeared this season? “Or some criticism” Iris is useless, even less than during the seasons before  ”.

Faced with this situation, Christophe Beaugrand then decided to react by explaining the situation, ” It had been done during the shooting, of course, I don’t know why the editing cut it I’m sorry”. An explanation that may not be to everyone’s taste.