Iris Mittenaere, “only happy,” divine bikini (VIDEO)


Take part in, the colours in South Africa, Iris Mittenaere was so fall in a bikini in a video to Instagram to the ground.

Iris has Mittenaere, and dream of more. Wednesday, 4. March 2020, Miss universe 2016 is entering its account Instagram for the unveiling of the video is ultra-sexy. So, in this last, we discovered in a bikini, beach, sunglasses on the nose, and the wind in your hair. “I just feel happy. Hardly arrival, and my first reflex of the sun on the beach, it was, once again” a-t-he writes in the legend. On the music Never really over Katy Perry, the young woman shows a smile, and his beautiful curves. What you can do for their 2.4 million subscribers. “You’re still a miracle” or “Too beautiful” you can read, for example, in the comments.

To note is that in the story, Instagram, Iris Mittenaere it was found that they Cape flew in the direction of South Africa, just as it is for a shoot. But also kilometers far from their beloved Diego El Glaoui, she thinks of him. This is a photo of his name written on the sand with a heart that has been confirmed. “I miss you” also declared, Iris Mittenaere prior to the unveiling a few moments of happiness, on the street or under the coconut trees. But the young woman did not surrender, how much time you séjournerait in Cape town.

Iris Mittenaere and Diego El Glaoui soon parents ?

For several months, Iris Mittenaere and Diego El Glaoui, the perfect love of spiders. On the occasion of your respective birth day, you are, therefore, their love sealed with a… a black Lord. So, are you ready to move on to the next level ? Invited on the plateau of the shipment to HQ, Iris Mittenaere trusted in their love story and showed that you have decided as a couple to be displayed “because(there is love) very much.” The children ? You think, but it is “not immediately.” We stay on the ball.

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