Iris Mittenaere radiant in a bikini in a video !


While he comes to the furore, he made a few days ago with a photo of her in a bikini, Iris Mittenaere, share a video, where she appears to be, the more radiant than ever before. You have to look.

The holidays are still Mittenaere not completed Iris. After enjoying the sun, the United States, Greece and the South of France, ex-miss universe shared a video for you more fun, this Wednesday, 18. september, 2019.

In this short clip shared on his account in Instagram, you will discovered Iris Mittenaere in a bikini in braun, brings his dream figure. Also, remember to have fun in a swimming pool in Saint-Tropez. With its publication, the legend : “Do you do you Saint-Tropez ? Come and live with me in my week in Saint-Tropez ! Between work, preparing, shooting, relaxing … I’ll take you with me.”

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A video that makes a real box, as there are more than 298 000 times in less than 24 hours. In comments that have inter-Nantes, adds to the young woman : “Iris, you’re beautiful, delicate, soft and accessible. Not with the big head.” can you read, or even “beautiful”.

On 17 september last year, Iris Mittenaere the buzz with a cliché, she is posing by the pool in a swimsuit. You already had like harvested more than 90 000 details of “me”.