Iris Mittenaere shows his abdominal muscles chiseled and your dream figure in a bikini


While he is currently in South Africa, Iris Mittenaere presented, right in the middle of the dunes, the beautiful silhouette.

Iris Mittenaere more to make, melt the canvas !

Since last week, Miss France and Miss universe in 2016, is located in South Africa, for the realization of their career plans in collaboration with the brand Morgan de Toi. Under the sun and in the midst of the dunes, you won’t stop posting photos of her on his account Instagram, where she poses in a swimsuit.

A silhouette is breathtaking

If on Sunday, 8. in March, the young woman had online a cliche, where she’s wearing a bikini asymmetric orange, on Tuesday, the 10. in March she wrote again, pictures of your beach outfit.

Live in Cape town, the capital of South Africa, the pretty model, 27-year-old posted a photo where he is posing with panties strap bikini with print vichy blue and white. For this shoot, she has decided, based on a lot of the same, since she was wearing a white t-shirt “crop top”, so cut short.

If on the first photo you discovered Mittenaere the perfect figure and flat stomach of Iris, the video in the third position of your publication, you can see it is because, this time, back, wander, alone, in the middle of the desert.

The food, never eat the Royal family !

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The food, never eat the Royal family !

Stereotypes have convinced his “followers”

In this publication, together with the legend : “Follow me… or leave me alone-solo in the middle of the desert 🐪… Sometimes it’s not so bad… Swipe to see video of this place, whew!” the boy received very many comments, in which the complimentaient as to his appearance, at his ease, the feet, as graceful in the sand :

“Then I’m going to me, and make me in the dunes here, I’ll make you rolled in a ball, far away from your beautiful approach” to his sister Kenza Smg, “the beauty” by Linda Hardy, or “there Are beautiful sand dunes in the desert…” from your friend Diego.