Iris Mittenaere soon to be married? This sentence that will put pressure on Diego El Glaoui!


Will the young couple pass a new stage in 2021? In any case, that’s all the ex-beauty queen wants!

During an interview with TV Mag on Thursday, December 31, Iris Mittenaere spoke of the couple she has formed for more than a year with Diego El Glaoui. “We have the same vision of things even though we come from very different backgrounds. Diego is Moroccan and grew up in Paris. Me, I come from the North, I was raised in the countryside … We are very complementary”. Then the young woman set foot in the dish concerning this new step that she would like to take. “I want to get married, but it’s not me who decides! We’re a bit old-fashioned …”, she said.

It remains to be seen when the young man planned to put his knee on the ground …

The end of year celebrations in the family of his darling!

The couple is currently in Morocco, the country of origin of the gentleman. The Northerner explained that she spent a special Christmas with her in-laws. “Diego has always celebrated Christmas in Morocco (he is Franco-Moroccan) so we had planned Christmas for a year here with his family. This is the first time I have had Christmas without a tree and with the sun,” she said. in-store.
A dream setting but Iris Mittenaere finds herself once again far from her family. “It is also the second time that I am having Christmas without my family (last year, I was on the stage of the Latin Paradise […] Professional obligation obliges! And this year, they could not come) so it’s quite special “. She added: “I am happy to be with him, to be surrounded, and to celebrate this beautiful holiday with a beautiful table. Christmas is just a date. The important thing is to spend beautiful moments with family, even if it is ‘is to be done in 3 months “.