Iris orange is Mittenaere in a bikini in neon and it is sublime ! (Video)


Iris Mittenaere a sensation ! On Sunday, may 8. March 2020, ex-miss-France and the world together on his account Instagram a photo of her in a bikini in neon orange. – Decryption.

Iris Mittenaere awakens in us the desire to enjoy the heat and the beach. Since last week, the young wife of 27 years is in South Africa for a professional project with the brand Morgan de Toi. For the occasion, Iris Mittenaere release of the photos of her behind his account Instagram.

By the way, on Sunday, may 8. March 2020, ex-miss universe, released a snapshot directly from the beach, wearing a bikini in neon orange, to inspire, to fit him. Its asymmetrical cut, brought perfectly to your silhouette in value. In this photo the young woman is radiant with a smile on his lips.

A photo idyll has a real cardboard box, because she gained no less than 141 000 like ” information. There are a couple of days, Iris Mittenaere had released a video that you put directly on the beach with a bikini is very scarce motives of the yellow-its forms of value. A video that was more than 725 ‘ 000 times. Yes, you read that right.

Iris Mittenaere, a proper business woman

To captivate more and more, the shoots, photos, meetings, and collaborations with big brands, the young woman also the muse, and brand Ambassador Morgan De Toi. A claw, for the last two seasons of the unique collections.

Reason why Iris Mittenaere flew to the sun of South Africa. You is there make a shoot to the future collection Morgan De Toi. You, by the way, has been shared, it is on Sunday, may 8. March 2020, a photo of her with the sahara desert khaki which fit him wonderfully.

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We are looking forward to the entire collection, the to bet, is sublime. We will let you discover in video bikini canon Iris.