Iris PHOTO Mittenaere ultra-sexy in a bikini, her friend Diego is completely in the spell


The temperature rises account Instagram Iris Mittenaere on Wednesday, may 4. March. While the gray is still well-present, ex-Miss universe appears in an outfit very easily.

Three years after his overall victory at the Miss universe pageant, the beauty of Iris Mittenaere to spread more, all over the world. There are a couple of weeks in New York, the young wife of 27 years, found his suitcase with his buddy Diego El Glaoui. More fulfilled than ever before, the lovebirds were surprised by the tourists in a romantic moment the famous ice rink at Rockefeller Center. The business man was 30 years old, photographed the knees, in front of ex-Miss Germany. It was also to imagine a possible wedding. But the magic will not last very long… Amused by the assumptions of passers-by, the scene immortalized, the best friend of Camille Cerf had simply replied : “Ahaha ! No ! ”

If an eu official is not yet on the program, the torque, however, is shout grows speaks your love of account Instagram. If not Iris Mittenaere the photos released a tender kiss with the half, it Diego El Galoui is it the beautiful explanations. ” It is just the draw of the lottery, that I realize, I’m already rich “he wrote in his story, while he admired his beautiful just-discover the winning numbers of the day. On Wednesday, may 4. to discover March, co-CEO of a communication Agency relapse a new publication of his beloved, who is currently in South Africa, a new project.

Diego El Glaoui fan Mittenaere his darling Iris

“I just feel happy. Right after the arrival, and my first reflex of the sun on the beach, it was, once again… Just happy… You know where I am ? “he has specified, in the legend a short video on the you appear divine in a small bikini. His worshippers, the believers began to write almost, your comment that Diego El Glaoui was already there. “You have a 06 ? “a-t-it writes the images of the perfect body of his partner. This, by the way, and quickly replied : “A 07, in fact… but I’m a guy, sorry “. A splash of humor that inspired the man in love : “He knew that his chance… “ Diego El Glaoui won the jackpot, and he is very well aware of.