Irish beauty at the Ireland Pavilion of the Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna

At the 54th edition of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, Enterprise Ireland presents for the first time the national collective with eight niche, green and sustainable beauty companies.
All products made in Ireland are based on natural ingredients, treated with the most advanced bio-technologies. In fact, Ireland is a world leader in research and high-tech in the health and dermo-cosmetic sector.
The startup Nunaïa Beauty is among the three finalists in the Green & Organic category of the Cosmoprof & Cosmopack Awards 2023, the “Oscars of Beauty”.

Red hair, green eyes, fair complexion: the symbolic model of the 54th edition of Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna remembers Ireland, which this year is presenting the national collective for the first time.
Eight refined laboratories will be presented in the Ireland Pavilion organized by Enterprise Ireland, the government agency for innovation and development, the 1st Venture Capital in the world.
Cosmoprof Worldwide Bologna, from 16 to 20 March 2023, is the most important event in the world for beauty industry professionals with over 2,900 companies from 64 countries and operators from 116 countries.
Mind-boggling numbers and a unique opportunity for the Irish beauty and cosmetics industry which is making itself known for the sustainable development of innovative high-tech products based on natural ingredients.
One of the strengths of Irish cosmetics is the originality of the unrepeatable formulations elsewhere. Between coasts and breathtaking landscapes in unspoiled nature, Ireland produces niche cosmetics strongly linked to the territory. The natural and extremely pure ingredients, such as algae, peat, sea salt, are treated using the most advanced technologies, giving rise to green and innovative products at the same time.
In fact, Ireland is a world leader in research and development in the health and dermo-cosmetics sector. The Irish startup Nunaïa Beauty is among the three finalists in the Green & Organic category of the Cosmoprof & Cosmopack Awards 2023, the “Beauty Oscars” that reward the excellence of the global cosmetics industry.

Here are the eight Irish beauty companies at the Ireland Pavilion:

Nunaïa Beauty
Ethics marries Luxury in the Nunaïa Beauty skincare line created by Nicola Connolly after 10 years of wellness research around the world. By fusing modern biology and tradition, philosophy and ecological rigor, all Nunaïa Beauty products have obtained the maximum score from the European control bodies for organic certification. His Ground & Glow Skin Ritual Set is among the finalists in the Green & Organic category for the Cos-moprof & Cosmopack Awards 2023. From the natural ingredients of the serum and cleansing balm to the mycelium packaging, the set is completely organic.

Seabody by NutraMara
Founded in 2017 by a team of marine biologists, NutraMara has developed an innovative technology to sustainably extract precious marine molecules and functional algae extracts on a large scale. The result is the Seabody line with creams and supplements for beauty and well-being that guarantee a unique concentration of active ingredients and powerful bioactives aimed at combating skin ageing. As co-founder Helena MacMahon declares: “True luxury is the possibility of having scientifically validated products, which are sustainable, pleasant to use and effective at the same time”.

Green Angel
Founded in 2006 by Mary and Chris Mitchell with the aim of creating an organic beauty line, based on seaweed and botanical oils, effective even on the most sensitive skins, it is today one of the most popular Irish brands in the world. Close to the workshop in the idyllic Wicklow countryside the old Tap Bar has been repurposed to include the flagship store.

Iconic Bronze
The ethical line of self-tanners, vegan and cruelty free, is enriched with pure sunflower oil and Omega 6 and 9 to nourish the skin, flavored with natural essences of fig, mandarin and orange blossom. The goal of Linda Stinson, CEO of the company founded in 2017, is to offer a complete, effective and natural line at an affordable price.

LA Pacific by EPC
The complete line for white and healthy teeth stands out for its innovative natural formulation and sustainability. Whitening toothpaste contains natural enzymes that remove stains without causing damage to your teeth. Developed in EPC’s Irish laboratories, LA Pacific is free from hydrogen peroxide and other harsh chemicals, and is packaged with fully recyclable materials. EPC is the laboratory of wonders: from technology and research dozens of beauty and body care products based on natural ingredients are born.

Carter Beauty
The make-up line launched in Dublin by Marissa Carter is today an international phenomenon, loved by celebrities such as Kourtney Kardashian, Cardi B and Ariana Grande. Carter Beauty Cosmetics, vegan and 100% cruelty-free, offers high quality at competitive prices, so much so that it has been chosen by the American Walmart supermarkets.

Ella&Jo Cosmetics
The start-up was founded in 2017 by makeup artist Charlene Flanagan and derma-tologist Niamh Ryan with the aim of making skincare as addictive as a game, so as to involve even women who have little time for themselves.

Elave by Gardiner Family Apothecary
The complete Elave skincare line is designed by the Gardiner Family Apothecary which has been specializing in products for the treatment of sensitive skin since 1934. The rich emollient formula of Elave, free of any chemical component, based on purified water and very pure ingredients, is ideal for soothing, hydrating and calming the skin by repairing the epidermal barrier and rebalancing the skin’s hydration.

Enterprise Ireland
Enterprise Ireland is the Venture Capital of the Irish Government, the 1st seed stage investor in Europe. The Organization supports innovative companies and highly technological start-ups in development and globalization. Enterprise Ireland has 5,000 portfolio companies and 40 representative offices worldwide. At the Milan office, a team of advisors is available to foster partnerships and business development between Irish and Italian companies in various sectors.

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