Irish whiskey with oysters. Galway Oyster Seafood Festival

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Irish whiskey with oysters and seafood. The “R” months have arrived and the best time to dedicate yourself to tasting has officially begun. And Galway immediately begins with a voluptuous destinationOyster and Seafood Festivall, from September 22 to 24.

Connemara oystersConnemara oysters It was in County Galway, near Ballinakill Bay, on the Connemara coast, that it was founded in 1893. DK Oysters, one of the oldest nurseries in Ireland, still in operation. And enthusiasts know thatlocal oyster, there Apartment in Galway.

Seafood TrailSeafood TrailAmong the events I would like to mention the world oyster discovery competition.

A list of oyster farms (which may be useful any time of year you decide to visit Connemara) can be found on the website Board of Directors of Iaskai Mhara – Irish Seafood Development Agency.

Connemara this is also a nameunique peated whiskey it’s unique single malt islands: its smoky notes pair perfectly with oysters. No less interesting for Fr.sister couple Killbeggan, small batch rye which uses approximately 30% rye malt.

trace of whiskeytrace of whiskey

The Galway Whiskey Trail was recently launched, linking 12 sites, they play a significant role in the city’s whiskey heritage. Every stop has a story to tell, with pubs like Sonny Molloy’s where you can immerse yourself in fascinating history Persse Distillery or where to find chapters 1, 2, 3 and 4 of the book Midleton’s, Silent Distillery collection, The Rarest Irish Whiskey Ever Made. can’t be missed King’s head, housed in an 800-year-old building that retains its medieval windows and fireplace, and is one of Galway’s leading music venues. IN O’ConnellEd Sheeran made a video of his Galway Girl.


A place to socialize in two historic pubs

The meeting point between the seafood route and the Irish whiskey route are two historic pubs: Ty Nichstein And Sonny Molloy (it also offers the most expensive Irish whiskey tasting in the world: it costs 2,750 euros with excellent quality rarities that are almost impossible to find anywhere else).

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