Is a second season possible? Co-author’s response

Thriller starring Idris Elba wraps up story this week? For Apple TV+, it was a success.

theftsmini-series with Idris Elba The game of a seasoned negotiator who must use all his cunning to try and save the lives of passengers on a hijacked plane ended after seven episodes on Wednesday has been a success for Apple TV+, as evidenced by its first place in the top 25 most watched content. When a title is liked so much, it’s normal for someone to want more, even if the title was designed to have a well-defined beginning and end. Sam Nelson’s story, as it ended, lends itself to being continued. So, Inside TV asked the co-creator and executive producer. Jim Field Smith Is a second season possible, and here’s what his response was.

Will Hijack have a second season?

“Oh, never say anything never,” Jim Field Smith told the site. “I think Sam as a character is really compelling. I think the way Idris plays him is really convincing. And I think it would always be interesting to see how he reacts in other situations, obviously. see how people react to this season. It was amazing to hear the reaction to the show. We’ve spent most of the last two years building it and have just finished it. So right now we’re just having fun watching the world react to it.”

As a negotiator in a hypothetical second season, Elba’s Sam may face another emergency. In situations like this, one of the question marks is about the availability of the protagonist or protagonists, and Elba is certainly not one of those stars whose agenda remains empty for a long time. However, the actor himself has already stated that he is in favor of the possibility of a second season of the series. thefts: “I’ll be honest. I’d love to see Sam back, but I don’t want to see another takeover. He needs to be great and we need to see him make impossible decisions. I think it would be fun. for the public, but the installation must be correct. Who knows? If the audience really wants it, it will happen.”

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