“Is everything okay? You’re bleeding!” : Marie-Sophie Lacarrau interrupted live


This January 4, invited in the show of Yann Barthes, on TMC, after her very first news at 1 p.m., Marie-Sophie Lacarrau had a small problem …

On December 18, Jean-Pierre Pernaut bade farewell to the 1 p.m. news in front of eight million viewers, just before flying to the Caribbean, in the Dominican Republic, with his family, his wife Nathalie Marquay, and their children, Lou and Tom. In this re-entry 2021, it is as planned Marie-Sophie Lacarrau who took over the antenna on January 4, on the front page. Ex-figure of France Televisions, she gathered 6.4 million viewers, or 45.5% of PDA, ahead of Julian Bugier, who now officiates in his place, on France 2, and who was followed this Monday noon by 3 million, or 20.9% of PDA.

“Excuse me, but you are bleeding”

A first victory which was celebrated as it should on TMC, the channel of the TF1 group, in the evening. Unsurprisingly, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau gave her very first journalist interview to the TF1 tower to her colleague, Yann Barthès. On his arrival on the set of Quotidien, a physical detail particularly surprised the host of the talk show …

He noticed that his guest was bleeding from her lower lip and asked her “Excuse me, but you are bleeding”. And to add: “Is everything okay? Do you want us to take a little break?” Opposite, Marie-Sophie Lacarrau, who had not noticed it, replied by touching her mouth with her finger: “No, not at all! I must have bit my lip”. 

Omar Sy relaxes the atmosphere

And the new star of the 1 pm newscast does not hide it, decompresses again after feeling a lot of stress for his first day of work. Fortunately, the godfather of “Quotidien”, Omar Sy knew how to relax her after this little problem. Come to promote the Netflix series “Lupine, in the shadow of Arsene”, he teased Marie-Sophie Lacarrau, with a funny little voice. “Well then, why are we biting our lip?” he joked, taking up his famous gag of “Service après-vente des emissions”, which he once presented with Fred Testot on Canal +.