Is “Hard to Kill” or is it not a Christmas movie?

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Much has been said about “Hard to Kill” and dozens of critics have been for and against whether this movie is Christmas or not.

John McClaine – played by Bruce Willis- attends a Christmas party at the Nakatomi Plaza And here is the hero of heroes when trying to save his wife from some terrorists.

The theme is that the love and dedication that there is in Christmas feels on the surface because our hero tries to save his beloved wife to the rhythm of trees full of color and many Christmas greetings.

Watch here the scene of John McClaine arriving at Nakatomi Plaza

This discussion is presented every end of the year and dozens of videos have been taken that confirm or deny its Christmas spirit.

The discussion is still open even after he was the director of the film himself John McTiernan who will reveal in a video made by him American Film Institute that the tape is indeed Christmas and gave his reasons in the following video:

For its part, Bruce Willis He assured some time ago in a recording that this film did not fall into the category of “Christmas”.

For their part, the people of Cassetteboy made a video a couple of years ago in which he revealed with a background song and everything (“The Twelve Days of Christmas”) all the scenes that prove that it is a Christmas tape.

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