Is it from Boca or River?

Bernardo silva is one of the most talented players that the Manchester City from Pep Guardiola and it was essential for the Citizens to beat Messi’s PSG and thus secure the first place in the group in the Champions League. Of course, the Portuguese assisted Gabriel Jesus, who made it 2-1 in favor of the English. And after the triumph, the steering wheel showed a bit of his Argentine side and had as idols two players emerged from the quarry of a giant of our country. And he also referred to the possible withdrawal of Sergio Aguero, with whom he shared a squad at City.

Silva assisted Gabriel Jesus against PSG (AFP).

Silva assisted Gabriel Jesus against PSG (AFP).

After 2-1 at the Etihad Stadium in Manchester, the luso spoke with Cristian Martin, ESPN correspondent in the Old Continent. The journalist tried to get Silva to tell him if he had more sympathy for Boca or River. And the midfielder dribbled as he does on the pitch, although in the end he ended up admitting that he likes two glories of the Millionaire.

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“River is very close to being champion in Argentina. You are from Boca you confessed to me once, right?”Martin asked him. “Well, I’m not from either of them. But I really like Pablito Aimar and also Saviola. I wish all the teams the best of luck.“replied the City footballer.” But does Boca or River throw you more? “the journalist insisted. “I don’t know, I like Aimar a lot so it may be that River, a little“, the Portuguese closed.

Saviola and Aimar at Benfica.

Saviola and Aimar at Benfica.

It is worth clarifying that the idolatry that Bernardo Silva has for Aimar and Saviola more than on the side of the Millionaire he can come through his steps for Benfica de Portugal. It is that both players had a cycle in the Eagles, where the City midfielder was trained as a footballer and club of which he is a fan.


In addition to referring to his taste for River or Boca, Bernardo Silva also spoke about the possible retirement of Kun Agüero. Is that the Portuguese knows well the tip formed in the Red: they shared a squad at Manchester City for four seasons.

Silva and Agüero at City (Reuters).

Silva and Agüero at City (Reuters).

“The news is very sad, although we still do not know what will happen. We are very sad with the possibility that he will have to stop playing. But the most important thing is his health and that he is well. All with Kun!”said the flyer.


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