Is it okay what River did with Angileri and Rollheiser?

One of River’s premises at the beginning of 2022 was to try to renew the contracts whose expiration dates were about to fall and to shield the youths that appeared (Santiago Simón and Peña Biafore case). And although in many cases they came to fruition (Paulo Díaz, Maidana, David Martínez, the two purretes and Zuculini signed), the CD still could not reach an agreement with Fabrizio Angileri and Benjamín Rollheiser, with contracts to expire in June, and that is why in Núñez they decided that both do not join the preseason until they solve their respective situations. And you, do you agree with that decision? Enter and vote in Olé.

Rollheiser and Angileri were left off the roster.

Rollheiser and Angileri were left off the roster.

Bruno zuculini He was one of the players with whom the leaders were in talks to extend the link, although it was not easy. For example, just minutes before leaving for San Martín de los Andes, the steering wheel put the hook until June 2023 and that way he could get on the plane. Which both the left-back and the youth forward couldn’t …

Brito Zuculini signs the Patanian River press contract

Brito Zuculini signs the Patanian River press contract

For now, the leadership will continue trying to reach an agreement with the representatives of both players, that if they do not extend their ties, they could leave in a free condition in June. That is why in River they stood firm for both Angileri and Rollheiser to sign, since otherwise they will not make the preseason and will surely be relegated. How will the story continue with them?

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Other players hoping to renew

During the past weekend, the Monumental offices were fully receiving a footballer to extend their ties. And although it was expected that Javier Pinola (verbally arranged to continue until December) and Franco Petroli would sign, said meeting was postponed. The reason? Both the defender of 38 and the third goalkeeper tested positive for coronavirus and are isolated (they did not travel to San Martín de los Andes), for which post recovery they will sign their continuities in River.

Pinola, positive for Covid.  Photo: River press.

Pinola, positive for Covid. Photo: River press.

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