Is It or Is It Not Hers? This Is the Millionaire Mansion That They Say Belongs to Nancy Pelosi

Nancy Pelosi does not live in the mansion attributed to her in San Francisco.

In recent days, it was circulated on social networks that Nancy Pelosi, leader of the Democrats in the House of Representatives, had offered free food and a roof to all the undocumented in her imposing mansion on Pacific Avenue, in San Francisco, California.

According to information from various media specialized in the sale of real estate, the residence was acquired by 2728 Pacific, a limited liability company, so it has no relationship with the legislator.

The confusion would have been because Pelosi actually has a home in the same neighborhood, which, it should be remembered, was vandalized during the New Year, but hers is smaller and cheaper than the one displayed on the networks.

The property attributed to the legislator was put up for sale in November 2012 for $ 30 million, but its price fell considerably after more than two years on the market, and it was until March 2015 that its sale was finalized. at $ 23,889,000 dollars .

Despite the drop in price, the residence was the most expensive that year for the San Francisco area.

Built-in 1898 by EA Hermann, the house measures 13,500 square feet and is spread over four stories.

It is made up of seven bedrooms, seven full bathrooms, kitchen, dining room, dining room, living room, main room, TV room, movie theater, library, garage for four vehicles, among other rooms.

It also has, as it is located on a 6,608 square foot lot, with a solarium, with a greenhouse, a terrace with spectacular views of the city, and with extensive green areas.

The house also enjoys enviable privacy and security, as it is located on a closed street for vehicle and pedestrian access.

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