Is it right to abolish the Frecce Tricolori? “No, the accident is a tragedy, but they represent the perfection of Italy.”

Following the recent tragic accident that cost the life of a little girl in Turin, in Yes and No of the day we give space to debate about whether the Frecce Tricolori, the acrobatic squad of the Italian Air Force, should be abolished. We asked for the opinions of Luana Zanella (Green-Left Alliance MP), who favors the abolition of the death penalty, and Enrico Borghi (current Italian senator), who opposes it.

Below is the opinion of Enrico Borghi.

The dramatic accident in Turin sparked a discussion, as always in an ideological tone, about the possibility of abolishing the Frecce Tricolori.. Saturday’s event is obviously of a nature of tragedy and pain that cannot be expressed in a few lines of newspaper, and it may take a flash of silence and compassion to be close to those who suffer during these hours without the distractions and concentration that cause fuss. which makes pain an incidental element rather than the central problem of this watch.

But that’s all. So, once again expressing feelings of closeness and condolences to all the people involved in what is – in fact – a real tragedy.Let’s try to reflect on the history caused by the controversy of these watches.

And trying, perhaps, to introduce a trivial and perhaps outdated thought into the discussionin an era of strong emotions and polarized passions, aroused by a social network that feeds us irritation: in this country, we manage to separate reflections from the emotional impulses of the moment, to keep reasoning distinct from passionate and first-time reactions?

In fact, ideological prejudice is once again emerging around the Frecce Tricolori case. – an anti-militarism that permeates segments of our society and our political class – which mixes with the inevitable emotional reactions of the moment, generating a demand for a negative response, which in any case remains a mistake.

Frecce Tricolori is, first of all, not a monad born of the warlike whim of Italy.. Air Force aerobatic teams exist in dozens and dozens of countries, all characterized by one core element: presenting a symbol of a country’s excellence and effectiveness to the world. What do we add this to? they represent a cross-section of the Italian industrial sectora symbol of the efficiency of the country’s organizational machine, a deep element of the identity of our Republic.

It would be enough to visit a few smaller living rooms and immerse yourself in the mass life of the realize that the passage of this command over our heads on important occasions is always greeted with applause and enthusiasm from those who participate in these events.

Families who crowd around the barriers on June 2 or April 25.Are the people who come to the Strela theaters really inveterate militarists, lovers of war and military exhibitions? This is wrong.

They find in the synchronized, perfect and spectacular flight of this patrol, a deep sense of identity, about connections with institutions, about love for the motherland (can we still say this without being accused of traditionalist rhetoric?), which belongs to a large part of our population. And fortunately, I might add.

Those nine planes fly several meters apartwith a busy schedule and a constant quest for excellence, are sure to demonstrate All-Air Force values, technology and teamwork skills.

But they also speak to the depth of each of us. They tell us that we are not alone, that there are those who give their lives for our safety.that there are those who work and spend their energy to ensure peace and protection, that there is a state that represents itself within the framework of identity and common values, summarized in those three colors that are released in the path of pathos and absolute efficiency.

Vintage sentimentalism? I don’t believe. In reverse order. Behind the flight of the Frecce Tricolori are the values ​​of the military ethics of our Republic. Courage, discipline, asceticism, obedience, patriotism, spirit of sacrifice, teamwork, corporate spirit, loyalty to the Constitution, its values ​​and institutions.

Before you simplistically dismiss all these things, perhaps rely on the rhetoric of condemnation of armies in countries and in countries where there is freedom of opinion, but there is silence about the militant use of dictatorships and autocracies that would like to replace us in terms of model and values, let’s think about it.

Because by thinking and reasoning, rather than ranting and shouting, we can build a future, starting with shared values ​​and their manifestation. and to maintain a sense of solidarity and closeness where fate charts unexpected and painful trajectories.

Enrico Borghi (living Italian senator)

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