Is Kylie Jenner already is, think about it again! His beautiful brother, Brandon Jenner is the father of the twins


The socialite, more famous, Kylie Jennerit is already a wonderful aunt to the new one. His beautiful brother, his father, and Brandon Jenner, the father of two beautiful twinsarising from his relationship with his wife, Cayley Stoker, who is a mother for the first time.

The brother of a member of the clan Kardashian, is a musician, and was the father of a 3 year old girl, Eva, who is a product of her first relationship as she herself Was.

Are Kylie and Kendall That are already women-new! The nice brother he is the father of the twins The new heirs of Bruce Jenner, are the so-called Bo-e-Sam / Photo by/@people

Brandon Jenner is the son of her first marriage to Bruce Jenner, who after a sex-change, became a Caytlin Jenner, father of Kylie Jenner and Kendall.

For the professional musician, it has appeared to be happy with the arrival of their twin sons, posing for the lens of your child in your arms, Bo, and Sam, who were born strong, and in perfect physical condition, such as a parent.

The proud father and is married to Stoker, there is only a month or so, when they decided to legalize their relationship in the past, the 21st day of January, and as for the People, he is a part of a wedding ceremony was held at the court house in Santa Barbara.

Kylie Jenner is a famous aunt

As a parent of a child, Brandon Jenner, and he told of his experience, to know that I’d be a father again, to decide who would be the person to give him the news of the arrival of a new brother to the little girl.

“We sat down with the three of them to her, and we told him what was going on, I was excited and happy,” said the singer, delighted, that account on Instagramshowed the progress of the pregnancy of her twins.

The paternal grandmother of the twins, Linda Thompson, will break down at the fawning by the arrival of the baby, in a home where you will experience the excitement and happiness of the newest member of the household Effects.