Is Kylie Jenner expanding! Filter out the new records for the brand


One of the billonarias the world’s youngest, Kylie Jenner, is planning to expand his empire of beauty, and through festivals, and conventions. According to the web site The Daily Mailthe advantage is that in the process of the registration of the three marks: ‘Case’ With’, ‘Has Also’, ‘and’ Performing the Museum’ so that you can begin to make use of these in the future.

The latest movements in the business less of a clan and Jenner have been exposed by Josh Gerben, an expert from the patent office, through its official twitter account, where it says that the ex-wife of Scott and Travis have registered these brands in the past on 09 January. In the same way, he says that there is an event scheduled, in which, we still don’t know if it will run under the name of ‘Kylie Also’ or ‘Has’With’.

The expansion of the empire, the Effects

According to documents obtained by Gerben, the records of the Case includes exhibitions, workshops, lectures, hands-on activities, as well as in the production of clothing and accessories for adults, children, and babies. As for the ‘Performing the Museum’, it is estimated that, within the conference and the workshop, the advantage you have a living-room-exclusive license to exhibit your beauty products, such as in a museum.

You see it on Instagram


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Even though the process is almost done, it really has been a horror for fans of the young entrepreneur, this is the price of the tickets for the event in the future, and many started to compare it with Gwyneth Paltrow, who also organizes the conferences of the beauty and the cost to join these range from the thousands of dollars (general admission) up to two thousand five hundred dollars (or VIP passes).

There’s no doubt that the youngest member of the clan Kardashian – Jenner, has started the year off on the right foot, for right now, all we can do is hope that it is to make the official announcement of his next project, and, therefore, to be able to witness the expansion of your empire.