Is raised to 174 the number of deaths due to coronavirus in Mexico and are already 3.181 infected


In the last 24 hours were recorded 33 new deaths and 396 cases more.

The Secretariat of Health in Mexico confirmed Wednesday that during the last 24 hours have been recorded 33 new deaths from coronavirus and 396 cases more, bringing the total to 174 deaths and 3.181 confirmed cases in the country.

Of the total cases, 71% have been treated on an outpatient basis, while 29 percent required hospitalization.

The director of Epidemiology, José Luis Alomía, explained that the sector of the population over 65 years of age already exceeds 400 cases, however, the bulk of the hiv infections are concentrated in young adults.

Moreover, he added that there are 9.188 suspected cases. “We continue to see the upward trend in the region of the Americas, where most countries are now entering in its epidemic phase,” said Alomia.

Hours before, the mexican foreign ministry received a plane from China with more than 10 tons of medical supplies, including gloves of exploration and masks KN95.

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