Is Red Bull the antagonist team in Brad Pitt’s F1 movie?

Will Red Bull play an antagonistic role in Brad Pitt’s F1 movie?

Is Red Bull a rival team in Brad Pitt’s F1 movie? – Photo credits: @redbullracing

There Red Bull it will be there Rival team in Brad Pitt’s F1 movie? Putting forward this concern, apparently in a jocular manner, is Christian Horner.

Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff are among the producers Apex, the working title of a film starring Pitt, set in the world of Formula One. Filming began on the weekend during the Silverstone Grand Prix. However, production stopped almost immediately in solidarity with the writers’ and actors’ strike that had locked down Hollywood.

Horner, like everyone else, is curious about the upcoming film project, at the helm of which is director Joseph Kosinski and producer Jerry Bruckheimer. Given the involvement of Hamilton and Wolf, and the past between Mercedes and Red Bull, Christian Horner joked to the fact that wait to see yourself portrayed as the villain of the story.

Speaking about the film in an interview with ESPN, the head of the British team said: “It’s fantastic that we’re bringing Formula 1 back to the big screen.”

“I’m sure that with Toto and Lewis as executive producers, we will be portrayed as the bad guys!” he declared with a laugh. Returning seriously, he then continued: “But it’s great for sports. It’s fantastic for Formula 1 and the interest in the sport is incredible.”

Filming on Brad Pitt’s film, strikes permitting, should resume in November. On the other hand, Formula 1 will return to action at the end of August in the Netherlands.

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