Is Selena Gomez Dating The Bear Star Jeremy Allen White?

suddenly came the news of unfollowing Selena Gomez to (alleged) former flirt zain It took everyone by surprise as it came without warning and above all, without any concrete reason. This is at least until today, when the latest gossip news Finally the events of the last few days made sense.

as reported DeuxMoi In fact Gomez start dating Jeremy Allen Whitelead actors of the series Bear, “The recently separated Golden Globe winner, whose show just started its second season, has a new introduction. He met this A-list singer-actress while shooting a cover Vanity Fair And she has remained in contact since returning to the United States after filming abroad,” said the message posted on the gossip site, where she has been brought to the surface for the first time, albeit very cryptically. manner and without specifying any specific names, the relationship between selena and white.

Although things are not being said clearly, all the clues seem to point towards the 30-year-old singer.Calm downand to the star of Bear,

Alan White actually won a Golden Globe for his role in the TV series Bear and has recently separated from his wife (actress) American Horror Story Addison Timlin); Plus the show’s second season is recently on newsstands in the annual issue of the hit streaming on Hulu and Jeremy. Pride dedicated to Hollywood, where, coincidentally, he also appears on the cover alongside the 32-year-old selena,

This relationship has been postponed for years Justin Biberand rejected flirt with actress Zain another Cinderella Story so maybe got a new one boyfriend: mehero of Bear,

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