Is Shy’m about to give birth to twins? This post that raises doubts …


This January 16, on the Web, Shy’m shared an enigmatic photo, which makes her fans delirious!

In the aftermath of her great emotion in the TF1 show, “The Secret Song” , Shy’m shared on January 16 a publication that raised questions among her fans … Her real name Tamara Marthe, the singer has writes this Saturday: “Boys are born in cabbages and girls are born in roses. This explains it” with the photo of a pink cabbage to illustrate her point.

And it didn’t take more for her community to imagine her pregnant with fraternal twins, boy-girl. She who posted a video showing  a hippocampus giving birth should not have it for very long.

Pregnant with a baby boy, (until proven guilty)

Last October, she announced her pregnancy by sharing the images of her latest clip, titled “Boy” . At the time, pregnant with a little boy, therefore, and the belly already well rounded, she had confessed that she had been pregnant for 222 days on the Web. Its term is therefore fast approaching …

However, she warned in the columns of the Parisian, “It is not because I reveal my pregnancy that I will start talking about my companion”. And to conclude: “I have always been very modest on this”.


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