Is smoking back in fashion?

one of the most famous scenes of Mad Man, as well as the first appearance of an advertising campaign within the series involving the American cigarette brand Lucky Strike. We are in the early 60s, the first signs of the fight against smoking have begun, including a ban on advertising healthy and safe cigarettes. You can’t find the balance, Pete Campbell makes up the account and then the customer gets pissed off, Don Draper’s genius comes in and everything is resolved (for those who cringe at spoilers, I remember the episode in question was released sixteen years ago) ).

Leave aside for a moment that the scene in question probably did more harm than the cigarette itself (it’s ironic), lulling a whole generation of creators into the delusion that they not only had Don’s nimble creative leaps, but also complained They have the right to do so because their thoughts make them do so. They will revolutionize the world of communication, no doubt about it tobacco incidents (English term for scenes where cigarettes are shown or talked about) is most famous for recent TV and series as a whole, thanks to its characters (in all) Mad Man Smoke, strike packs are clearly visible, in the sixth season Betty Draper even offers her daughter a cigarette: she thinks og)), she was a pioneer in the process of glamorizing smoking.

However, after that, it was all a health crusade on and off screen. disclaimer And trigger warnings On tobacco use, class actions and increasingly tighter restrictions on smoking, organizations that declare that nicotine is over-represented on TV, especially in series aimed at minors. Of course, there were exceptions. The Olsen twins used their cigarette breaks outside the office personal branding, memes, and to which he has also dedicated a unique festive Instagram profile. There was Lana Del Rey, and her universe of pop references and quotes, a very American Lolita with red lipstick and a slim cigarette in her mouth. a verse of in my feelingsfrom album lust for lifeHe says: “i’m smoking while i run on my treadmill(You know the breath). But the original smoke was acrid and disgusting. And for a generation that grew up on bread wellness, dolphin skin And Gwyneth Paltrow’s vaginal customs, a blemish to be ashamed of, had become a crime worth atonement for. And everybody, absolutely everybody, wanted to quit, they quit, they started vaping. Till today.

(Too bad for me) in the first episode. Sculpture (Available on Sky From Us and streaming now), for example, it’s hard not to notice the presence of cigarettes. In the first five minutes, Lily-Rose Depp’s character Jocelyn smokes three cigarettes — yes, three — in a red satin dress. We see him singing with a cigarette, crying with a cigarette, even going to the sauna with a cigarette. not only. The @cigarette Instagram account, a collection of “pop culture smoke breakAmong her more than four million followers, who collected photos of the smoking celebrity, she was shown exiting a Cannes hotel with a cigarette in her mouth. Will he follow the same – very intense – acting method of actor Jeremy Strong? (Which is also the case with Kendall Roy, by the way.) succession smoke).

In babylonMargot Robbie does a little bit of everything, including smoking, and even said in an interview that she was forced to resort to fake cigarettes to give her character a gruff voice. Aubrey Plaza, Inc. white lotus, with a cigarette in his mouth is one of his best shots of the series. The talented and troubled chef of Jeremy Allen White Bear He has a habit of smoking (as well as Lip, who is played by the same actor in the series). shameless, Barracuda QueensDanish series just released on Netflix that blinks bling rings (without being successful, let alone), the protagonists are five rebel chicks who steal and, as chicks and “rebels”, smoke. And we found out about Carrie Bradshaw in season two And just like that… (always on Sky and Now), he never gave up his true love: smoking.

But there are also hints of smoke coming off the screen (sorry). Twenty-year-old Jenna Ortega was caught by the paparazzi with a cigarette in her hand a few weeks ago and took to Twitter, disappointing her fans and her mother, however, she made the thread cool mom And that played down. Anya Taylor-Joy sitting on the sidewalk iced coffee Legs and a cigarette in hand, it’s already a meme (Always Anya in the series that made her famous, chess queensmokes 220 times). Malia Obama, daughter of Barack and Michelle, was photographed first with a cigarette and then with an e-cigarette. And even Kylie Jenner has been spotted smoking weed in a club. Will it be Timothée Chalamet’s bad (yeah, right) company to blame? There Mother Kris Jenner hasn’t spoken yet.

In short, smoke is in the air, and the so-called that girlIt seems that yoga, matcha tea, personal hygiene and skin care girl have disappeared behind a cloud of smoke, replaced by skinny girl With a toxic and messy lifestyle. But what is the reason for this? make fit, Do we millennials of nostalgia are concerned with everything that happened not the day before yesterday? Did the pandemic have something to do with it (pandemics always have something to do with everything) that led, according to some studies, to an increase in cigarette sales for the first time in twenty years? It is a must have style accessory heroin chic, also making a comeback, made of low-rise jeans, Strokes music and exposed ribs? And if celebrities don’t have a problem with being photographed smoking now, unlike what happened until a few years ago when celebrities themselves explicitly told the paparazzi to avoid any association with tobacco. If we do not publish objectionable pictures, it means that we are healthy. Don’t care anymore?

Or maybe we’ve all become like Zeno Coccini. We loved cigarettes so much that we could blame our inefficiency on it. We have chained ourselves to this evil because it is a comfortable way of living to believe that we are great with a latent greatness. And we go from cigarette to cigarette, and purpose to cigarette.


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