Is “Stealing Legal in California”?No, this is a wrong message

In a video posted on X (formerly known as Twitter), they said California authorities approved a law banning anti-theft The same is said to be true in stores decriminalization of theft Less than $400. However, this is wrong.

In fact, California It has yet to pass a law to decriminalize theft of less than $400 or prohibit shoplifting.he criminal law keep going punitive this robbery to store and private

As far as she is concerned, SB 553 initiativeIntroduced by Senator Dave Cortese, it aims to keep employees safe and prevent employers from coercing regular workers into action in the face of robberies and shootings. It should be noted that this project does not hinder the previous actions of security personnel A robbery exist California. In addition, the project has not yet been approved by the local Congress.

Video accompanying the error message shows two men leaving a store with various items from a store in their hands. California, USA. The video, posted by the TikTok account @youwahlinnt, has been circulating since at least March 5, 2023.

The misleading publication has garnered 6,471 shares and more than 9,000 likes on X. Likewise, the video is accompanied by this message: “California passed a law prohibiting store employees from confronting people who attempted to rob, and recent regulations made it legal.” The amount stolen was less than $400. ”

California Penal Code Penalties for All Types of Theft

A reverse search led us to the original video posted by the TikTok account @youwahlinn, which has been circulating since at least March 5, 2023, but the content has been removed and is currently inaccessible. hound The reporter contacted the user for more details about the case, but has not yet received a reply.

The video shows two people walking out with various items in their arms, the same music, store employees, and the same phrases “Rossville, California” and “hundreds of dollars in Nike products stolen,” consistent with the misleading post.

Despite this, we found no further information on the case, nor any detentions for these acts.

California video screenshot
A screenshot from the video of the store in California. YouwahlinnT TikTok Account

The video was seized as evidence, supposedly to prove it california approved A law That Prohibition of hindrance this robbery and decriminalization this robbery Less than $400.but that criminal law of California Theft of less than $950 is classified as petty theft The penalty is six months in prison or a $1,000 fine.

According to the news agency PAthis Proposal 47Approved in 2014, reclassifies some offenses as misdemeanors, such as petty theft $950.The Penal Code considers various types of petty theftas long as the amount is less than $950, there is no violence or other aggravating circumstances.

Charis Kubrin, professor of criminology, law and sociology at the University of California, confirmed PA Theft remains a crime in the state and people can be arrested regardless of the amount stolen.

it’s illegal.per instance robbery at least violated criminal law 484. If you shoplift, that is theft Michael Romano, chairman of the California Criminal Code Review Board, told the agency that under Section 459 of the Criminal Code, each robbery is punishable by six months in prison and a $1,000 fine.

Alex Bastian, Special Counsel for the Los Angeles District Attorney, commented: ” Proposal 47 The goal is to increase the amount charged as a felony for theft from $400 to $950 to adjust for inflation and the cost of living. “

According to Kurbin, Proposal 47 The bill was passed to reduce California’s prison population and to comply with a 2011 California Supreme Court order that held prison overcrowding violated Eighth Amendment rights.

“If the police don’t arrest these misdemeanors and prosecutors don’t charge them, even if the police do arrest them, it’s not the police’s fault. Proposal 47Kurbin explained to the verifier Verify.

Bill does not prohibit action against theft

On the other hand, misleading publications ensure California A law was passed prohibiting employees prevent robbery shop,This is wrong.bill SB 553 continue on State House Committee.

this project Designed to prevent workplace violence.For this reason, it prohibits employer public or private obligation employee face active shooter anyone suspected thief.

Nevertheless, the project SB 553 not for security guard Be trained and not be deterred from taking anti-theft action. In addition, it identified some businesses that need security guards for environmental reasons.

SB 553 Employers are prohibited from forcing non-security employees to confront criminal intruders who may be armed.The bill makes a clear distinction between security guards and non-security guards,” the senator said Dave Cortez.

The program also includes employee safety training, safety protocols and assessments, workplace violence restraining order requests, a plan to refer workers to health programs, and violence incident registration.

In summary, This is wrong California legalization robbery And prohibited to prevent these events from happening.this petty theft $950, they still get penalized, and SB 553 doesn’t stop security guards from taking action against robberies.

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