Is that Lady Gaga is pregnant?: PICTURES will increase the rumours


In January of this year, speculation about a so-called pregnancy the singer Lady Her. First of all, when he was caught in a bikini and let you see one “I suspect“stomach swelling after a magazine of celebrity and the american assured him that with the Bradley, the Cooper, if he got divorced because they are supposedly expecting a child with the magic of pop, and now the rumors are increasing, with the emergence of some of the pictures in which he wears a t-shirt from the side, and if you see a “belly”.

Lady Gaga, who recently released the album “Chromatica”, and was captured at the end of the week, walking by with her partner, Michael, a Laborer, dressed in a t-shirt, grey, wide, for a cubrebocas, and carrying a few boxes of pizza.

The pictures they took with their son-in web surfers coming back speculation on the one pregnancy the fact that even when the magazine of celebrities, he published, which was the son of a Cooper, he wrote on his Twitter account: “The rumor that I’m pregnant? There are, of course, I’m pregnant with #LG6”.

In light of these new rumors, Lady Gaga has not come out on their social media accounts.

Gaga has dealt with a lot of criteria your relationship with the Worker, ever since he saw it for the first time, kissing each other in the past, the Super Bowl. In April, she commented that it was “for the love of your life.”

Because of the contingency of the coronavirus, Lady Gaga had to postpone it until the summer of 2021, the tour of her album “Chromatica”. The tour kicks off on July 25th in Paris, france.

“We have been working very hard to provide you with the safest and fastest way to make this show, but the most important thing is that we want everyone to be healthy and to be able to dance together in the show, as we have always done it,” said the artist with their social networks.

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