Is the rivalry over? Andrea Legarreta reveals that she would like to work with Pati Chapoy!

The beautiful host of ‘Hoy’ confesses in an interview that she would like to share a camera with the iconic presenter of ‘Ventaneando’

Andrea Legarreta is one of the most important icons that Televisa has among its ranks. Leader of the program “Hoy”, the beautiful artist has positioned herself as one of the most important conductors of the medium.

For this reason, the San Ángel television station is somewhat suspicious of its most powerful celebrities within the company, something to which the one born in Mexico City is not entirely pleased because in an interview she stated that she would like them to there would be fewer restrictions on where you work.

In the midst of rumors about an alleged change of roles within “Hoy”Legarreta was interviewed by Mauricio Barrientos “El Diablito”, in a program that the actor and comedian have for YouTube.

There, the actress also assured that she would like to work with Pati Chapoy and, not only that but that she wanted to interview her. The head of shows for TV Azteca and the head of the “Ventaneando” program, has been dominating the medium for more than 20 years in Mexico and is considered “the rival” in the field for Televisa.

“I don’t like banned. I don’t like vetoes, I would love to have Pati Chapoy sit down one day and talk with her, “added the host of the morning show.

The mother of the vocalist of the band Motel, Rodrigo Dávila, and right-hand man of Ricardo Salinas Pliego, has been working for the Ajusco television station for 27 years, however, Chapoy’s beginnings in the middle were with Televisa, working for Raúl Velasco.

Precisely about her work, Galilea’s colleague Montijo assured a few days ago that “Today” is a cycle program and that the changes are yet to come, so she cannot assure anything about the program.

“ I don’t run to people, I don’t have and never have had that power, they haven’t given me anything. ‘Hoy’ is a cycle program, it was said that every two years the producers would be changed.

“The first change from ‘Hoy’ to me is when Federico Wilkins came in, they took me out (…) There are things where sometimes people’s memory fails, but if I had the power to run or to stay, to remain, as I would have remained even at that time ”.

No one doubts that Andrea Legarreta is one of the main faces of Televisa due to her long and fruitful career, so that, in some unexpected movement, that iconic interview with Paty Chapoy may take place.